“Patch 3.2, gearing Noobs Since 2009”

Best thing that ever happened to me (in WoW) was patch 3.2. Many players were outraged by the changes in the game. Don’t get me wrong I would’ve been also had I been gearing up for months only to find out another player could gear up in a couple of weeks. But I wasn’t. I was a player that Blizzard had targeted with this patch. A person with a full time job and only about 3 hours to spare a night.

My Rogue hit 80 just a couple of weeks before 3.2 was set to hit. I had tried out some different specs and enjoyed the simplicity of the Mutilate spec. A simple rotation that relys on SnD and Hunger for Blood always being up (Check out the guide on my links sidebar).  Still in greens I joined some guildies for a couple heroics for some quick gear. Soon I was being invited to Naxx which were my first raiding expeirences. Ran those a couple of times to pick up some quick badges of heroism and try to get out of greens before 3.2. All of the sudden I was emersed in the game. Raiding was always an element that I either wasn’t a high enough level for or never felt I had the gear for. And having a guild that wanted to help me with gear was amazing. I realized how different this was then having to PUG for everything. They were understanding, realized I was still learning and helped me in every way possible. Can you imagine someone walking into Ulduar with a couple greens still on. Looking back I couldn’t but they had brought me there to. I may have died a couple more times then everyone else but let’s just say that I was hooked again…

But for an entirely new reason.


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