Patch First Impressions

First impressions as a Player were “WOW”.  Being off and on with the game so much I had never been a part of such a huge content patch such as 3.2. New dungeon which is very interesting. Luckily I did some jousting right before this patch came out. And new raids which I have only got a guildie group run once in which we wiped three times and left. The badge change was also huge and allowed me as a new level 80 to almost reach full purple gear in two weeks.

As a Rogue there wasn’t much to the patch except for the ease of gearing mentioned before.

As an Engineer. Very happy. I had spent hours apon hours of mining, smelting and building of materials to get my profession up to 450. It was rewarded by an Auction House in Dalaran. If that would have been the only thing we got I would have been ecstatic. Jeeves is a new schematic. Farmed Library Guardians in the storm peaks for an hour before it dropped. Built it a couple of days after collecting mats for it. Attachment for helmets that attempts to Mind Control a humanoid. Haven’t tried this one yet but it sure does look ridiculous on the people I’ve seen wearing it.

Just days after this patch was released patch 3.2.2 was announced. FoK (Fan of Knives) is being nerfed by 30% damage. *sigh* I was enjoying being the top AoE in my groups…



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