All Nightmare Long

I wanted to do this entry because of the trouble Halls of Stone has given me as a Melee DPSer.  Out of the two times I have been to this horror I swear I had to have died 7 to 8 times.

In my most recent attempt with a very Veteran Group I managed to get by only needing a rez three times. *Ugh*  Group make up was a Pally Tank, Preist, Lock, Hunter and then me the loan Melee DPSer.  The Tank, Healer and Lock of the group are all Veteran players and also happen to be officers in the guild so they are well versed for this fight.  Here’s some tips for you so you don’t walk out of HoS with a little less “in-game” self-esteem.

Maiden of Grief
The Maiden will summon void zones under random group members that, generally, need to be moved out of.  She will also cast Shock of Sorrow, which does a small amount of shadow damage and incapacitates the whole group for six seconds.  The healer and tank, when they see her casting this spell, need to move into one of the void zones before they’re incapacitated, so the incapacitation will break and they’re able to continue tanking and healing while everyone else is stunned.  It’s important to note that if one player breaks the incapacitate and the tank doesn’t, the Maiden will immediately start attacking the non-stunned player, so the tank needs to be sure to break the effect.  As long as you’re able to survive the incapacitation’s one way or another there’s no real problem.  My problem came from the tank being incapacitated and me breaking it.  Sure enough she came straight for me.  Don’t let this happen to you! 

Death 1 Rez 1 Wipe 0

Krystallus’ main abilities are a Stomp, which does a small amount of damage and ranged knockback that causes all group members to slowly turn to stone over 5 seconds and Shattering them once everyone is completely immobile.  The Shatter deals damage to any allies nearby, everyone spread out and tank and spank.  No death here. 

Death 1 Rez 1  Wipe – 0

The Tribunal of Ages
After you talk to Brann Bronzebeard and escort him down the hallway to the Tribunal.  He will start to work on a computer terminal as the large heads on the wall start to come to life, and one begins shooting weak holy bolts at random group members.  At this point wave after wave of elite mobs as you’ve been fighting the whole instance will start running through the door you came from, and your job is to take them all down and prevent them from attacking Brann Bronzebeard in the back of the room.  After a while, the second head will begin attacking in tandem with the first; it slowly builds and fires a large orb that will deal heavy damage when it hits the ground, but can be easily spotted and avoided.  The third activates last, and will shoot continuous eye beams along the ground that need to be dodged.  Complete total wipe by the group at this point.  Healer got caught in a beam and we were not far behind.  Awhile after all three heads have been harassing you as you deal with the constantly incoming mobs, Brannwill succeed in shutting down the defensive system and a long scripted event will begin.  After it’s over, the door to the final boss will be open.  Although we wiped it, evidently we lasted just long enough to let Brann complete his task. 

Death – 2  Rez – 2  Wipe – 1

Sjonnir The Ironshaper
This boss is  horific for Melee. He sends out a Static Charge, which tank and Melee both should flee from the boss, the charge will cause the afflicted to damage all nearby allies, in response to which he should back off from the group; and Chain Lightning, a nuke that chains to other nearby allies.  There will also be a wave of weak slime adds, followed by a wave of helpful Earthen if the fight lasts that long.  The difficulty is really based upon how much melee you have, as they’ll be taking far more damage than any ranged DPS, but as long as the healer keeps up it’s a fairly simple fight.  As a Rogue, stay on boss as much as possible and don’t worry with adds.  It was pretty disheartening to watch the Range from a distance just pound damage on this guy while I was busy running in a running out constantly.  It was to no avail. 

Death – 3 Rez – 3 Wipe – 1.

I did manage to finish this place for the first time and got my achievement and a couple triumph badges.  But if Blizzard decides never to make this the daily again I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it…


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