“Might” please!

Off topic and no tips here…

I realized soon after beginning playing a Rogue of it’s simplicity.  I realized that the only reason a group uses me is for my ability to produce quick spurts of High DPS.  But after many a night playing a heroic or trying to raid I realized that people probably had little or no respect for the class of Rogue as a whole.  I was tired of asking for “Might Please” and that was it.  We need things from other players such as buffs but we never give anything.  It took me a while to realize the way to give back was with a couple of my professions, Engineering and Cooking.  It gives me great pleasure during a heroic or raid to be able to do a couple things for the group;

First Engineering provides me with the ability to drop the Scrapbot Construction kit or the recently obtained and constructed Jeeves Bot.  It’s great for the entire group allows repairs and people to sell trash (Also sells certain reagents used by different classes).  It also has great benefits for someone high in the Guild who can keep flasks, water and Healing Pots in their bank to be able to offer them to the group instead of having someone head back to Town in the middle of a raid.

Second is pretty simple and is something any player can do and that’s the fish feast.  Every player in the group will benefit from this and it’s easy to throw down for everyone.

These are simple things but for a Class that takes, takes, takes.  It can go along way in progressing you in your guild and gaining respect from your guildies.  Make them consider you a necessity whether your skills are great or not…


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