“WoW” it’s a magazine…

Here is the excerpt of an article that orginally appeared on wow.com yesterday.

“In a rather surprising turn of events, Blizzard has announced that they’re teaming up with publishing group Future to print a quarterly magazine about, you guessed it, World of Warcraft.

For the yearly subscription price of $39.95 USD, readers will receive four issues of the ad-free WoW magazine, including concept art, hints and sneak peeks at upcoming content patches and expansions, interviews with developers, strategies for raid and dungeon encounters, and more “insider and player perspectives”. The issues are stated to be more than 140 pages long and glossy as heck.

It’s admittedly rather shocking that a magazine like this is getting published — not because of content or anything like that, but because print is considered a flagging medium. The formula for success here seems to be to offer a high-end product — Future says they consider it more of a “collectible coffee-table book” than a magazine — and sustain it on subscriptions alone, since it’ll be free of advertising. Hopefully legions of fans will subscribe and give the ‘zine its lifeblood, since it actually sounds pretty cool to me.

The first issue is scheduled to go to press at an as-yet-unknown date this fall, and is supposed to contain interviews with top guilds about Ulduar strategies, a retrospective on WoW for its fifth anniversary, and unnamed other content.

Those wishing to subscribe can visit the magazine’s official website on August 21st — that’s BlizzCon day one — and enter their info there, or visit the WoW Magazine booth at the ‘Con itself.”

Pretty big announcement IMO. Most people consider print media all but dead as magazines and newspapers throughout the US continue to lay off people everyday. But it’s easy to understand why they would give this a try. Warcraft has an incredible following from the casual player to the lore guru and this type of magazine can be great for all of them. I especially like the idea of making more of special edition type books rather then cheap 30 page magazine covered with Ads. Sign me up…


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