/2 LF Chanter Agility to everything!

With the announcement of certain stats gone I started thinking about Attack Power and how that has been my only goal of end game gearing and enchanting. Not anymore.

Honestly does anyone understand AP anyways? If you could trade it all for agility would it matter? There is actually no difference. I trade out gear that I lose AP for if the agility gain is more and it has always seemed to up my DPS. For the first time ever I actually looked up what the stats meant. Every 40 points of agility actually add 1% crit chance, while also adding 1 point of attack power per point of agility. This is a great change. A simplified change for us out there who probably never understood the stat anyways. My questions stem from how are enchants going to change. Will current gear with AP automatically change to Agility?

Now if we can only get rid of these pesky weapon skills…

Only time will tell…


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