The New Face of the World……of Warcraft

Even though Cataclysm is a year away, it’s easy to get carried away with the speculation of the new expansion. But as we get closer I’m sure the hype will grow.

For the first time Blizzard is going to release an expansion that feels like an entirely new game. For $40 you’ll be able to play in a world that has changed dramatically from the previous 6 years. If your a hardcore player at all you want to start a new Goblin or Worgen just to see the new starting zones, and if it’s anything like the death knight starting zones then that alone will be worth the 40 bucks you’ll have to shell out for the game.

But what about the new players who have just picked up the game. Casual players leveling, enjoying the world of Azeroth. What if say this player reaches 30 around late summer early fall of next year and all of the sudden the landscape changes. Every zone is different, every city is different and all the sudden tons of players are running around the old world. If you ask me this would be overwhelming for a casual player who just picked up the game. Someone who still hasn’t visited the Outlands or even bothered to buy BC or WotLK. What happens to these players?

Blizzard’s attempts at speeding up the leveling process is an attempt to make all of these players feel welcome in a world torn apart. But as far as us who have been with the game for multiple years now they are creating an entirely new world for us to enjoy and we should embrace it by leveling new characters in a place that we will once again be noobs.

At least for a couple months…


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