The Art of the Woo

Well I log on and the guild got a raid going last night. I had only been in Ulduar once but had read up enough to be ready for the initial four fights. The progression on the raid is not important to this entry. Whats interesting is the psts I was recieving from a friend in another guild who was doing ToC 25.

We had been chatting a bit about raiding. He continued to tell me about his guild. The fact that they only had 30 raiders and NO ROGUES! Couple minutes of him trying to convince me to apply to his guild and he gave up because he knows how much I enjoy running with the people I am with.

As they were progressing he started telling me about an item they were DEing due to no Rogues;


Ugh! Seriously did you just tell me that?!

So anyways I wake up this morning and still have a bad taste in my mouth. I am a dagger Rogue. As long as a viable spec goes with it I will probably always be a dagger Rogue and this is certainly one of the pieces of gear I have my eyes on right now.

The guild seems to be taking full advantage of the 3.2 changes as far as gear goes. So it shouldn’t be too long before we are able to get through some of this ToC content.


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