O How I Loathe you, UI

So I’ve been busy the past couple day’s.  Not with questing or raiding in the game but more with fixing my default User Interface which I had played with ever since I began the game.  I was very frustrated throughout the process of learning new programs and checking non-stop, mostly unhelpful, forums throughout the process but think I’ve came up with something I can use and that is atheistically pleasing.


And here is the list of Addon’s I used;

SpartanUI– The base of the UI, I am not experienced with UI’s so I wanted something that could guide me so I didn’t have to learn every small detail.

Bartender4 –Included with the SpartanUI addon.  Provides tools for Moving and Resizing Toolbars

Button Facade/Button Facade: Trinity– Adds gloss and makes your buttons different shapes.  Trinity creates round buttons and is the replacement for CyCircled an Addon from WoW’s past.

DHUD3 – Adds the health and energy bars next to my Player in the middle of the screen.

RoguePowerBars(Not Pictured) – I place these just to the right of my Energy bar so it’s easy to glance over at my buff’s and debuff’s.

That’s about it.  Like I said I had no experience going in and created this after about three nights/couple hours a night of work.  I’m now addicted to changing and making it look better but I’m sure that it will be a part of never-ending quest for the perfect UI.


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