Monday PUGin’

Managed to get into a PUG for Naxx one of my friends was setting up. Let me just say that I have finally experienced a good PUG. Everyone in the group knew someone else and eveyone knew their skills and places for the most part in the fights. They even brought a fresh 80 in there for gear and we still didn’t have any trouble. Vent was extremely entertaining as it seemed alot of these people were old guildies with each other catching up with new stories. I am also happy to say that I recieved four new Achievements and can finally say I have completed Naxx. I’m pretty sure most of these toons cruise through Naxx on a normal basis for badges, so it wasn’t anything special for most of them. But for me it made one helluva Labor Day.

Maybe he can setup an Ulduar PUG for me next!


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