Where have all the Rogues Gone?

Riding around Dalaran now adays I find myself getting excited by catching a rare glimpse at the infamous Rogue. Why? Because you just don’t see many anymore. I tend to stop whatever I’m doing to check out the gear of other Rogues to see what they are doing. MOST of the time they are a PvP Rogue. But what about the Raiders? Are we not still one of the highest sustained melée DPS classes?

Talking to friends from other guilds and just people you meet in general I tend to find that in a 25 guild raiding group alot of times they only run one Rogue. My guess is because they can’t find ’em anymore.

Out of level 80 Alliance toons on my realm, Rogues make up only 6% of the characters. Dead last. The highest are Pallies at 16%.

Don’t get me wrong I love not having to compete for gear on Guild runs. But honestly I would love to have another Rogue in the guild to compare with and bounce ideas off of. But it still brings me back to my original question; “Where have all the Rogues Gone?”

They must be stealthed…


3 Responses to “Where have all the Rogues Gone?”

  1. PvE rogues is rare to at my server EU anacrhonos, i don’t mind. Long time since i had to compete for rogue gear…. ;]

  2. Yep definitely a bonus of not competing for gear!

  3. Even tho my shiny stabbers never drop QQ

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