Humpday Rants & Raves

[Rants] to the people who still don’t understand that there is a push to talk option on Vent. Ran a Naxx 25 group the other night and sure enough had two guys who sounded like they were playing from the same room. They were constantly yelling about the fights and daring each other to get as close to a mob as they could without pulling them. We had a lot of new 80’s from the guild in the raid and it made it impossible to explain trash pulls and boss fights. By the first boss we couldn’t get them to understand how to use the push to talk button on Vent. Problem fixed, *muted*.

[Raves] to the Spartan UI support forums. As I mentioned in a previous post I have been feverishly working on my UI and these forums helped me get the most customization out of my UI. They continue to update and listen to the things that their users are complaining about and make every attempt to allow us to modify the addon to reach the desired look we want.

Until next Humpday happy raiding!


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