More Alts? No thanks

So I’ve noticed that many people are addicted to creating Alts.  I have never been one of them because I felt it took enough time to make your Main as good as he or she can be. 

That being said I have delved into the world of Alting with a Death Knight.  It’s the obvious choice since it’s already at 55 and super OPed against multiple mobs.  Yet I have got to 61 and am very disappointed in my skills.  I seem to keep referring to where my Vanish button normally is for my Rogue.  I pull too many mobs with the lack of stealth and don’t seem to have anyway of sneaking out of trouble like I’m used to.  I am finding out real fast that a bunch of Alts is probably not the best route for me.  Not only have a never tanked or healed but just DPSing on another class has been a challenge for me.  Last night was the first time I realized this because I died multiple times on some slime mobs in Hellfire.  UGH, by the time I was done my armor and weapon were completely red from the durability hits.


Although I am having so much trouble I still plan on venturing in a hybrid class of Druid, when Cataclysm is released.  I am excited about the new starting zones for the Worgen because the first three levels of DK questing were so great.  Almost worth the $40 for the expansion itself.  Hopefully Blizzards got something great in store for me to really get me behind my new character late next summer.


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