The Great Authenticator Debate

I write this after reading yet another article on the Blizzard Authenticator.  First off I just want to ask what has brought this to such a mainstream issue.  Is hacking something new?  Buying and selling Gold in Warcraft is a huge business, and some of these businesses are and will always look for an easy way to make a quick buck with the least possible effort.

Blizzard is making every effort to make the Authenticators available to players.  Any one currently using a Blackberry or iPhone has access to an authenticator without having to order the elusive one in the Blizzard store, which are historically known to be available for short periods of time.  I see no reason why there would be anyone who wouldn’t want that extra added security to their account.  You spend hours and hours on these toons, why risk it?

That being said if Blizzard makes them mandatory and “possibly” includes them in the next expansion.  What reason would anyone have to complain?  I know tons of people and guilds who have been affected by hackers and key-loggers and would never want my work or character to be compromised.

I am very interested to hear some of the arguments against these.


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