Black Knight’s Rondel Drop Percentage

So after two full weeks of patch 3.2.2 I have yet to get my hands on the new dagger drop from H ToC. I have ran the instance 13 times and seen it drop once only to roll an epic 7 against and enhancement Shammy. I think there has been some similar frustration with the caster dagger in there. Anybody know the drop percentage of this thing?

But regardless it’s a new goal for me. So I will continue to run the instance nightly until I can get my hands on it.


2 Responses to “Black Knight’s Rondel Drop Percentage”

  1. Spinblades Says:

    I got it on my 1st H ToC run! Even won the roll against another rogue, that never happens for me.

  2. noob4life Says:

    Your right about that. Shortly after it was released I saw a Rogue going into VoA with two of them equipped. Although I don’t think it’s smart to equip two of them it still made me sick to see that!

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