Killing Time

Guild setup an EoE run for tonight. Not enough healers or DPS so we Pugged a few. Scheduled for 7:30 and we are now going on 8:30 and we still don’t have everyone in vent or even in the Instance. This is the reason we shouldn’t be Puggin. We make ourselves look bad to other guilds by not having these “Guild Runs” well planned out.

Edit: Shortly after 8:30 we got going. We wiped multiple times on phase 3 before calling it. Not gonna lie, I’m not very familiar with fight so I probably wasn’t helping the first couple times but got it towards the end by following simple directions. “Stay out of the static charges Dummy”. Those things must be noob-proof as we failed multiple times because people were spreading out to much. Called the raid at about 9:45 as we had multiple people who dropped. I certainly can’t blame them. Maybe another time!


2 Responses to “Killing Time”

  1. It sucks when you don’t have enough people on for a guild run.

    I’m sad to say it probably did give those pugs a bad impression of your guild – I joined a guild’s Ony25 today and they wiped on the trash before Ony and once again about five seconds into the fight as one of the guildies stood in the hallway and aggroed adds.

    Left me with a very negative impression of their guild and if I ever look for a new guild that’s one less to apply to!

    Did people sign up and not show or was there just not enough interest?

  2. Well it all started when we lost our main raiding group. They left because of the casual nature of the guild. We have plenty of healers in the guild but the tanks are few and far between. So normally if we PUG, we need a tank and every now and then a ranged DPS. All that being said we have met lots of other players who joined who liked the atmosphere and the casual progression that our guild does. We now have one tank who belongs to another guild but raids with us whenever he can. Most of the time the people who drop from our raids due to problems in an instance are not the typical toons we have in our Guild anyway.

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