Patch 3.3 & You; PTR Updates!

Patch 3.2 was a good one for Mutilate Rogues’ and Patch 3.3 looks like it will be too. Recent updates to the Patch notes appeared yesterday.

Deadly Poison: In addition to its existing effects, when a rogue applies Deadly Poison to a target which has already reached the maximum number of applications, this will also trigger the poison which the rogue is using on his or her other weapon.

Improved Poisons: Bonus chance to trigger Deadly Poison from this talent increased.

This means for Mutilate Rogues on a single target you should see more procs of Instant Poison. This should be another great DPS boost for us.

The change with improved poisons should also boost the Mutilate Spec DPS with multiple target boss fights. Although the percentage help is very small, anything to help rebuild stacks of Deadly poison on a target is welcome!

Keep it coming Blizz!


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