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I haven’t posted in a week or so.  Not much has been going on in game but the main reason is I have been working hard on the new website. Link in the sidebar.  The site just has a landing page right now but I hope to be able to have it up and running soon!

Edit; Site’s up and running.  Check it out!


Ooo! Piece of Candy…Mutilate Deeps Revisited

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So I hadn’t posted about this since I picked it up but I got my Black Night’s Rondel a couple of weeks ago but I hadn’t bothered heading for the tacklin dummies to test out my Deeps.  Well I did a few nights ago and was mighty surprised at what I found.  I was hitting 4k and able to sustain it unbuffed!  This is all compared to the boost Mutilate got after the 3.2.2 patch.  Check the link to read my story before…

I’m still interested to hear what some of my fellow mutilate Rogue’s are doing as far as Unbuffed Sustainable DPS?  A noobs gotta compare himself with someone!

3.2.2 Mutilate Boost

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Did a normal rotation last night after the release and noticed about a 500 point increase in sustained DPS (about 3500) with peaks around 3700.  This was unbuffed and is compared to the 3K I was getting before the patch, with peaks around 3200.  I’m not a number Cruncher so I’m not going to try to explain it but here’s some of the changes that hit Mutilate Rogues yesterday;

  • Envenom’s scaling has been increased from 7% to 9% of attack power per combo point.
  • Fan of Knives: The damage done by this ability has been reduced by 30%.
  • Master Poisoner: No longer increases the Deadly Poison application rate following a successful Envenom and instead now provides a 33/66/100% chance of preventing Envenom from consuming Deadly Poison. 

My PvE Rotation consists of; stealth Garrote, Hunger for Blood, SnD, Mutilate, Rupture, Spam Mutilate until SnD is about to drop, Envenom

The whole idea is simple, keep rupture on as much as possible.  Never let Slice and Dice fall off.  When Vanish is available throw another Garrote on your target once your into your rotation.

Uber Noob; Week in Review

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Ok so I was on vacation from work last week and had a lot of extra time to play. Learned a couple of things pertaining to my Mutilate play style that I found humorus.

1) Do not equip two fast daggers – I made the mistake of equipping a second fast dagger to go with my webbed death. Found out that this causes your deadly poison to proc less often. That being said 3.2.2 will keep deadly poison charges up all the time which makes me wonder are we worried about the slow/fast combo anymore or could two fast daggers be viable?

2) There are other Rogues out there willing to help – Ran a VOA 25 man and had another rogue bring up my gemming on my Rogue. He said I should be gemming Agility and not AP. I knew I had gemmed this way for a reason and basically there was little to no difference between the two and Bright Cardinal’s were cheaper at the current time. Granted he was a combat Rogue who massively out DPSed me so I was excited to see how he could help. The main thing he brought up was my hit rating and how I needed to bring that up. I’ve got my eye on a couple of hit rating trinkets for help.

3) The guild continues to progress – Finally got through the Northrend Beasts encounter. I was releaved when it happened but we could not get the Lord down after that.

Anyways got those things I am working on as well as Brewfest achievement. Pretty simple and only about 4 afternoons of doing drunken shenanigans.

Also there’s alot of rumors going on the extended maintence Tuesday will be 3.2.2 patch day. I’m gonna run my mutilate spec on some tackling dummies tonight and just see what numbers I produce and then run it after the patch (if it comes out) and see what kind of help mutilate got. I know for sure that no matter what they do combat will still own on multiple targets but I would like to see my Noob deeps uped on a single sustained target.