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Killing Time

Posted in Gaming with tags , , , , , , , on November 8, 2009 by Camron

Guild setup an EoE run for tonight. Not enough healers or DPS so we Pugged a few. Scheduled for 7:30 and we are now going on 8:30 and we still don’t have everyone in vent or even in the Instance. This is the reason we shouldn’t be Puggin. We make ourselves look bad to other guilds by not having these “Guild Runs” well planned out.

Edit: Shortly after 8:30 we got going. We wiped multiple times on phase 3 before calling it. Not gonna lie, I’m not very familiar with fight so I probably wasn’t helping the first couple times but got it towards the end by following simple directions. “Stay out of the static charges Dummy”. Those things must be noob-proof as we failed multiple times because people were spreading out to much. Called the raid at about 9:45 as we had multiple people who dropped. I certainly can’t blame them. Maybe another time!


My First Time with Ony

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Soooo….I’m a bit behind here but I have never really had the urge to head into Ony’s Lair.  The guild put together a group to run tonight.  After three wipes we finally got her.  Nothing good as far as loot but it was definitely a learning experience.  And seeing 8k DPS on the charts doesn’t hurt my confidence either (Thanks to phase 2 for that).

For a Rogue there’s not much to this fight.  PHASE 1 – Tank and spank but stay on the side of Ony to avoid tail and talon swipe.  at 60% health you begin PHASE 2 – First Fan of Knives the group of whelps that come out.  Redirect aggro using Tricks of the Trade.  Also your are watching for “Deep Breath” and you must immediately move to a wall in her lair.  After first phase of whelps switch to Guardian Adds (move out of range of guardians during blast nova) until 40% health and then begins PHASE 3 – Another tank and spank with some fears thrown in.  It’s really nothing when everyone pays attention and does their job.

It was short and fun and now that I’ve got an idea of how the fight goes I’m not as worried about Puggin it for 25man.

What to do when your guild falls apart?

Posted in Gaming with tags , , , , , , , , , , on October 29, 2009 by Camron

Events of the past couple weeks have made me start to get away from the game. We have lost our main players over the past week or so. Our main raiding group was tired of the casual style of the guild and when they invited other players to join them they were upset when they wouldn’t show up. This type of stuff gets under my skin also but in the same way it’s not something that will make me take off looking for another guild. I like the people in the guild. And the few that stayed behind are my best in-game friends.

Now that they are gone I am realizing that we are only left with 6 or 7 viable raiders for Ulduar and ToTC content. And I don’t see us doing more Naxx runs just to get some gear for our new 80’s. But we have added a few new players trying to fill out a raid roster. But so far it’s been a Fail getting capable raiders.

I love raiding and it’s the only thing that keeps me going. I pug VoA weekly but has anyone else ever dealt with the problem of having a good raiding guild who falls apart into a casual guild and how do I get back to raiding on a regular basis? I don’t mind Pugging but would rather have a group that I’m familiar with. A group that know each other and knows their job during a boss fight.

New Weekly Raid Quest?

Posted in Gaming with tags , , , , , , , , , , on October 3, 2009 by Camron

Read a couple days ago that there are hints to a new type of quest for patch 3.3. Quests to go along with raids much like the daily dungeons we do now only with weekly lockout periods from quest givers.

I think it’s a great idea but for me personally this may mean PUGing more raids. I have still yet been able to make a guild run and complete any of the level 80 raids in the game. The only raid I have completed was Naxx and that was with a PUG a friend had put together. So that means for me to get my hands on some of the new badges I may be running with some unfamiliar faces.

Edit; We have downed OS with 0 Drakes up in 25 and 10 man

Humpday Rants & Raves

Posted in Gaming with tags , , , , , , , , , on September 9, 2009 by Camron

[Rants] to the people who still don’t understand that there is a push to talk option on Vent. Ran a Naxx 25 group the other night and sure enough had two guys who sounded like they were playing from the same room. They were constantly yelling about the fights and daring each other to get as close to a mob as they could without pulling them. We had a lot of new 80’s from the guild in the raid and it made it impossible to explain trash pulls and boss fights. By the first boss we couldn’t get them to understand how to use the push to talk button on Vent. Problem fixed, *muted*.

[Raves] to the Spartan UI support forums. As I mentioned in a previous post I have been feverishly working on my UI and these forums helped me get the most customization out of my UI. They continue to update and listen to the things that their users are complaining about and make every attempt to allow us to modify the addon to reach the desired look we want.

Until next Humpday happy raiding!

Monday PUGin’

Posted in Gaming with tags , , , , , , , on September 8, 2009 by Camron

Managed to get into a PUG for Naxx one of my friends was setting up. Let me just say that I have finally experienced a good PUG. Everyone in the group knew someone else and eveyone knew their skills and places for the most part in the fights. They even brought a fresh 80 in there for gear and we still didn’t have any trouble. Vent was extremely entertaining as it seemed alot of these people were old guildies with each other catching up with new stories. I am also happy to say that I recieved four new Achievements and can finally say I have completed Naxx. I’m pretty sure most of these toons cruise through Naxx on a normal basis for badges, so it wasn’t anything special for most of them. But for me it made one helluva Labor Day.

Maybe he can setup an Ulduar PUG for me next!

The Art of the Woo

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Well I log on and the guild got a raid going last night. I had only been in Ulduar once but had read up enough to be ready for the initial four fights. The progression on the raid is not important to this entry. Whats interesting is the psts I was recieving from a friend in another guild who was doing ToC 25.

We had been chatting a bit about raiding. He continued to tell me about his guild. The fact that they only had 30 raiders and NO ROGUES! Couple minutes of him trying to convince me to apply to his guild and he gave up because he knows how much I enjoy running with the people I am with.

As they were progressing he started telling me about an item they were DEing due to no Rogues;


Ugh! Seriously did you just tell me that?!

So anyways I wake up this morning and still have a bad taste in my mouth. I am a dagger Rogue. As long as a viable spec goes with it I will probably always be a dagger Rogue and this is certainly one of the pieces of gear I have my eyes on right now.

The guild seems to be taking full advantage of the 3.2 changes as far as gear goes. So it shouldn’t be too long before we are able to get through some of this ToC content.