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Ooo! Piece of Candy…Mutilate Deeps Revisited

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So I hadn’t posted about this since I picked it up but I got my Black Night’s Rondel a couple of weeks ago but I hadn’t bothered heading for the tacklin dummies to test out my Deeps.  Well I did a few nights ago and was mighty surprised at what I found.  I was hitting 4k and able to sustain it unbuffed!  This is all compared to the boost Mutilate got after the 3.2.2 patch.  Check the link to read my story before…

I’m still interested to hear what some of my fellow mutilate Rogue’s are doing as far as Unbuffed Sustainable DPS?  A noobs gotta compare himself with someone!


AION released today

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So the new MMORPG AION was released today. Many people are excited about it. I was definately curious so I watched a couple of the videos outlining beta gameplay and the classes. I really got into the Final Fantasyish look they went for, but the game just doesn’t look interesting enough for me to give a try.

That being said to all the people who call this the WoW killer, there’s no way. Too many people have too much time invested in toons on WoW, what reason would they have to switch? There is only one true WoW Killer and that’s Blizzard itself. If and when they decide to release their next MMO you can bet the people of Warcraft will flock to it. (fingers crossed for Starcraft MMO) These other games are great but they only pull some of the players away. A few to Warhammer a few to AION (a few but on a very large scale).

Either way I’m open minded to the game itself and can’t wait to start hearing some reviews and see how this game is different in gameplay from WoW. Especially the raiding and how these different classes work.

O yea…
In case you didn’t know 3.2.2 was confirmed for today and will be live as soon as maintence is over. Hoping that the mutilate buffs Rogues got will be a decent boost for us!

The Cataclysm Checklist

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This was too good not to share;

Check it out. I don’t think I ever would have thought about stocking up before the next expansion in order to get my Worgen, yes I’m making one, to 85 the fastest possible way. Haven’t started my checklist because I’m still not sure what class I want to go with. Warrior makes the most sense but I’m not fond of the class. Druid or Hunter is the way I’ll probably go. But again a Wolf taming say a…wolf?? Or a Human turning into a wolf, into a cat, into a bear, into a sea lion, into a bird, into a tree, into a ‘Squatch with Antlers. Well maybe the Druid’s not so far-fetched after all.