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Ooo! Piece of Candy…Mutilate Deeps Revisited

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So I hadn’t posted about this since I picked it up but I got my Black Night’s Rondel a couple of weeks ago but I hadn’t bothered heading for the tacklin dummies to test out my Deeps.  Well I did a few nights ago and was mighty surprised at what I found.  I was hitting 4k and able to sustain it unbuffed!  This is all compared to the boost Mutilate got after the 3.2.2 patch.  Check the link to read my story before…

I’m still interested to hear what some of my fellow mutilate Rogue’s are doing as far as Unbuffed Sustainable DPS?  A noobs gotta compare himself with someone!


What to do when your guild falls apart?

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Events of the past couple weeks have made me start to get away from the game. We have lost our main players over the past week or so. Our main raiding group was tired of the casual style of the guild and when they invited other players to join them they were upset when they wouldn’t show up. This type of stuff gets under my skin also but in the same way it’s not something that will make me take off looking for another guild. I like the people in the guild. And the few that stayed behind are my best in-game friends.

Now that they are gone I am realizing that we are only left with 6 or 7 viable raiders for Ulduar and ToTC content. And I don’t see us doing more Naxx runs just to get some gear for our new 80’s. But we have added a few new players trying to fill out a raid roster. But so far it’s been a Fail getting capable raiders.

I love raiding and it’s the only thing that keeps me going. I pug VoA weekly but has anyone else ever dealt with the problem of having a good raiding guild who falls apart into a casual guild and how do I get back to raiding on a regular basis? I don’t mind Pugging but would rather have a group that I’m familiar with. A group that know each other and knows their job during a boss fight.

Sunday [2. Trade]

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Logged on pretty early this morning and was messing around in the AH when someone asked a question about flying in Northrend on the trade channel. Waiting for the smart@?! remarks to start I continued browsing the AH.  All of the sudden things started happening. Weird, Wild things.  Four quick answers all giving helpful insight and advice on flying in Northrend came over Trade!  What!?  Trade chat helpful?? Well someone thought the same thing as me and posted those exact words.  I still waited a couple minutes for someone to say something about them being a Noob, but it never happened.

People we have just entered the Twilight Zone…

O How I Loathe you, UI

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So I’ve been busy the past couple day’s.  Not with questing or raiding in the game but more with fixing my default User Interface which I had played with ever since I began the game.  I was very frustrated throughout the process of learning new programs and checking non-stop, mostly unhelpful, forums throughout the process but think I’ve came up with something I can use and that is atheistically pleasing.

And here is the list of Addon’s I used;

SpartanUI– The base of the UI, I am not experienced with UI’s so I wanted something that could guide me so I didn’t have to learn every small detail.

Bartender4 –Included with the SpartanUI addon.  Provides tools for Moving and Resizing Toolbars

Button Facade/Button Facade: Trinity– Adds gloss and makes your buttons different shapes.  Trinity creates round buttons and is the replacement for CyCircled an Addon from WoW’s past.

DHUD3 – Adds the health and energy bars next to my Player in the middle of the screen.

RoguePowerBars(Not Pictured) – I place these just to the right of my Energy bar so it’s easy to glance over at my buff’s and debuff’s.

That’s about it.  Like I said I had no experience going in and created this after about three nights/couple hours a night of work.  I’m now addicted to changing and making it look better but I’m sure that it will be a part of never-ending quest for the perfect UI.

Humpday; Rants and Raves

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Rants to the first player who decided to put “anal” in front of every ability in their spell book. This has been an epidemic that has now plagued Ysera’s trade chat for a full week, nonstop. I know we’re not the only ones dealing with it but it gets tiring putting up with this day in and day out. Blizzard could at least shoot some warnings out to these players.

Raves to the Tankadin who called our Heroic group OPed yesterday. First time ever I was in a group considered OPed. Although I was still 3rd on the DPS chart. Ok that’s not the true Rave this week.

Ever since Blizzard introduced 3.2 every player in the game has been running non-stop heroics causing the server to be overloaded and something that Blizzard never thought they would have to use was plagueing every player. What am I talking about? “Additional Instances cannot be launched at this time”. Props to Blizzard for being quickly proactive about the situaion. Much of the maintenance that has been going on for the past few days is to implement their new servers and software to prevent this from happening. Rumor has it this is also to prepare us for Cross Server LFG’s. Welcome one and all Ninja Looters from around the World of Warcraft. But that’s a rant for another day!

The New Face of the World……of Warcraft

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Even though Cataclysm is a year away, it’s easy to get carried away with the speculation of the new expansion. But as we get closer I’m sure the hype will grow.

For the first time Blizzard is going to release an expansion that feels like an entirely new game. For $40 you’ll be able to play in a world that has changed dramatically from the previous 6 years. If your a hardcore player at all you want to start a new Goblin or Worgen just to see the new starting zones, and if it’s anything like the death knight starting zones then that alone will be worth the 40 bucks you’ll have to shell out for the game.

But what about the new players who have just picked up the game. Casual players leveling, enjoying the world of Azeroth. What if say this player reaches 30 around late summer early fall of next year and all of the sudden the landscape changes. Every zone is different, every city is different and all the sudden tons of players are running around the old world. If you ask me this would be overwhelming for a casual player who just picked up the game. Someone who still hasn’t visited the Outlands or even bothered to buy BC or WotLK. What happens to these players?

Blizzard’s attempts at speeding up the leveling process is an attempt to make all of these players feel welcome in a world torn apart. But as far as us who have been with the game for multiple years now they are creating an entirely new world for us to enjoy and we should embrace it by leveling new characters in a place that we will once again be noobs.

At least for a couple months…


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Article appearing on just a few hours ago.

“World of Warcraft: Cataclysm has just been announced at BlizzCon 2009. The expansion promise to bring about a whole new adventure for World of Warcraft players as they work their way through a destroyed and changed Azeroth.

And as we announced before, Goblins and Worgen will be the new playable races. The level cap will be raised to 85, and there will be a whole new swath of raids, dungeons, and quests for everyone to enjoy. The old world raid dungeons will be revamped and deliver new heroic opportunities for players. There is a new secondary skill: Archaeology.

There are playable demos of Cataclysm that we’ll be bringing you details about during the next two days. We’ll also be brining you shortly screenshots and other information about the expansion as we get it. Blizzard is releasing a large packet to the press – expect to see its contents up on soon.”

Info that was leaked on MMO-Champion earlier in the week was spot on. Pretty impressive.