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I haven’t posted in a week or so.  Not much has been going on in game but the main reason is I have been working hard on the new website. Link in the sidebar.  The site just has a landing page right now but I hope to be able to have it up and running soon!

Edit; Site’s up and running.  Check it out!


Killing Time

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Guild setup an EoE run for tonight. Not enough healers or DPS so we Pugged a few. Scheduled for 7:30 and we are now going on 8:30 and we still don’t have everyone in vent or even in the Instance. This is the reason we shouldn’t be Puggin. We make ourselves look bad to other guilds by not having these “Guild Runs” well planned out.

Edit: Shortly after 8:30 we got going. We wiped multiple times on phase 3 before calling it. Not gonna lie, I’m not very familiar with fight so I probably wasn’t helping the first couple times but got it towards the end by following simple directions. “Stay out of the static charges Dummy”. Those things must be noob-proof as we failed multiple times because people were spreading out to much. Called the raid at about 9:45 as we had multiple people who dropped. I certainly can’t blame them. Maybe another time!

My First Time with Ony

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Soooo….I’m a bit behind here but I have never really had the urge to head into Ony’s Lair.  The guild put together a group to run tonight.  After three wipes we finally got her.  Nothing good as far as loot but it was definitely a learning experience.  And seeing 8k DPS on the charts doesn’t hurt my confidence either (Thanks to phase 2 for that).

For a Rogue there’s not much to this fight.  PHASE 1 – Tank and spank but stay on the side of Ony to avoid tail and talon swipe.  at 60% health you begin PHASE 2 – First Fan of Knives the group of whelps that come out.  Redirect aggro using Tricks of the Trade.  Also your are watching for “Deep Breath” and you must immediately move to a wall in her lair.  After first phase of whelps switch to Guardian Adds (move out of range of guardians during blast nova) until 40% health and then begins PHASE 3 – Another tank and spank with some fears thrown in.  It’s really nothing when everyone pays attention and does their job.

It was short and fun and now that I’ve got an idea of how the fight goes I’m not as worried about Puggin it for 25man.

Ooo! Piece of Candy…Mutilate Deeps Revisited

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So I hadn’t posted about this since I picked it up but I got my Black Night’s Rondel a couple of weeks ago but I hadn’t bothered heading for the tacklin dummies to test out my Deeps.  Well I did a few nights ago and was mighty surprised at what I found.  I was hitting 4k and able to sustain it unbuffed!  This is all compared to the boost Mutilate got after the 3.2.2 patch.  Check the link to read my story before…

I’m still interested to hear what some of my fellow mutilate Rogue’s are doing as far as Unbuffed Sustainable DPS?  A noobs gotta compare himself with someone!

Non-Combat Pet for conversions

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Logging in yesterday, had a sidenote on the login screen saying that all accounts which swtched over to accounts would recieve a Penguin non-combat pet. My thoughts are that this trend will continue with authenticators. Hearing about the countless people being hacked lately is disheartning. Blizzard is doing everything they can to restore players accounts along with guild banks back to where they were before the hack. But it will take alot of pressure and customer service problems from Blizzard when they offer a pet to anyone who adds an authenticator to their account. I converted to shortly after they said it was available and immediately added an authenticator. It’s coming in due time from Blizzard…

How many licks does it take….

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to get to the center of WTF Blizzard was thinking when they made Tier 10 Rogue gear?!  My guess is Blizzard has a random armor generator, they take images of their favorite characters and NPC’s from the game along with pop culture icons.  The generator then spits out something and Blizzard says “PRINT IT”!

Case and Point;

Blog Tier 10

Insert 1 Loot Crazed Diver, The Road Warriors and one of those Green sludge things and this is what you get;

Rogue Tier 10

So when this Gear is released in Patch 3.3.  Go into options; Show Cloak, Do Not Show Helm and make sure to wear a tabard.  I’m old school Rogue, I don’t need all of this design crap.  Give me a Rogue with Black Sweats and a Defias Mask to wear and I’m good to go!

But here’s the good about Tier ten.  Set Bonuses, and they are some good ones!

  • Rogue T10 2P Bonus – Gives your melee finishing moves a 13% chance to add 3 combo points to your target.
  • Rogue T10 4P Bonus – Your Tricks of the Trade ability now grants you 15 energy instead of costing energy.

Hopefully you’re already using ToT everytime it’s available but if your not then you will be now.  More to come as the PTR continues!  O and my Rondel finally dropped off of the Black Knight so no more jousting for me!

AION released today

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So the new MMORPG AION was released today. Many people are excited about it. I was definately curious so I watched a couple of the videos outlining beta gameplay and the classes. I really got into the Final Fantasyish look they went for, but the game just doesn’t look interesting enough for me to give a try.

That being said to all the people who call this the WoW killer, there’s no way. Too many people have too much time invested in toons on WoW, what reason would they have to switch? There is only one true WoW Killer and that’s Blizzard itself. If and when they decide to release their next MMO you can bet the people of Warcraft will flock to it. (fingers crossed for Starcraft MMO) These other games are great but they only pull some of the players away. A few to Warhammer a few to AION (a few but on a very large scale).

Either way I’m open minded to the game itself and can’t wait to start hearing some reviews and see how this game is different in gameplay from WoW. Especially the raiding and how these different classes work.

O yea…
In case you didn’t know 3.2.2 was confirmed for today and will be live as soon as maintence is over. Hoping that the mutilate buffs Rogues got will be a decent boost for us!